• Peter and Vivian are professional, thoughtful, transparent and strategic. Even before officially retaining them, they were at our disposal with unbiased advice and our best interest in mind. We sold our house after one weekend of showings for the price we had hoped for. They kept us informed throughout the process and far exceeded our service level expectations. They seek win-win solutions for both parties, which is also our style. We feel that we have gained a partnership and relationship – not just a transaction. Can’t wait to use them again for any future sales/purchases and we would highly recommend them to anyone without hesitation!

    Quilchena Vancouver
    Mr. & Mrs. Tewfik

  • When we decided to sell our commercial property, someone strongly recommended Peter Saito and Vivian Li to be the good agents. When contacted, they responded quickly and set up a meeting in a few days.  The presentation of their operation plan with regards to sales of the property was clear, through and impressive.

    With full confidence, we signed the contract for them to start their sales activities on June 5, Saturday. On June 7, Monday (one day later), Peter Saito called us in the evening to report that they already had a few people showing interests for our property.  We had no idea how they promoted this property, but were certainly surprised with such incredibly fast responses.  They also informed us that they were going to show the property and see one of them for the final offer the following day, Tuesday!

    The next phone call came at Tuesday afternoon, this time to inform us that one of the candidates offered an acceptable offer! By that evening, we were shown the results of their meeting and we accepted one of the offers.

    Looking back, we were so amazed and impressed about their completing the sales in such a short time with the satisfactory result.  It is certainly incredible how this case worked out, but we do know that such a successful result was due to the combination of their efforts, timing and the efficient hard work by Peter and Vivian above all.

    当我们决定出售我们的商业地产时,有人强烈推荐 Peter Saito 和Vivian Li。联系时, 他们迅速回应并安排了见面。他们对我们的物业分析清晰、彻底且令人印象深刻。

    我们满怀信心地与他们签订合同,于6月5日星期六上盘。 6 月 7 日,星期一(一天后),Peter 晚上打电话给我们,报告说已经有几组人对我们的物业感兴趣。不知道他们是如何推广这个物业的,这么快就有响应,我们感到相当惊讶 。他们还说,隔天(星期二)有客人来看房,并且会收到offer!


    回想起来,我们对于在这么短的时间内完成销售,感到非常惊讶和印象深刻,同时价钱令人满意。 这么成功的卖房经验是由于Peter 和Vivian的辛勤努力、掌握时机和高工作效率的成果 。

    Mr. & Mrs. Uchinami

  • We interviewed a number of realtors. Peter and Vivian are warm, approachable, easy to speak with, always available and flexible. They listen very well and are very respectful and never forget it is our home they are helping to sell. We enjoyed their sense of humor and determination as we passed on 3 offers – we waited two months for an acceptable offer. We recently recommended them to a neighbour who listed and sold within one week.

    Peter and Vivian are simply very professional and great people. Without question, Peter and Vivian were an easy choice and there are no realtors we would recommend ahead of Peter and Vivian. We would recommend them highly and would be pleased to use their services again.

    我们面试了好几个地产经纪。Peter和Vivian热情、平易近人、容易沟通、可靠灵活。他们注重倾听、非常尊重我们,他们谨记他们是来帮助我们的顾问、最终的决定是由我们自己决定。我们非常欣赏他们幽默的风格和坚持的执行力,我们之前拒绝了三张offer – 等到了两个月后才接受了最后一张offer。我们最近推荐了他们给我们的邻居,邻居也请Peter和巍巍挂盘,他们的房子一个礼拜内就卖掉了。Peter和巍巍非常专业、具备出色的人品。 毫无疑问,Peter和巍巍是地产经纪中的首选,除了他们以外,我们不会推荐任何其他经纪给我们的朋友们。我们强烈推荐他们的服务,也会在未来继续和他们合作。

    S. and L. Ferguson, South Granville

  • We selected them because of their extensive experience in selling real estate in this area and the very positive impression we had from our meeting with them.

    Our selection of them as the agents to represent us proved to be well founded and throughout the process-they acted with integrity and provided excellent advice from listing, to evaluating offers, recommending ways to counter offer, resolving issues and closing the deal. Based on our experience I have no hesitation in highly recommending them.


    事实证明选择他们来代表我们是非常正确的抉择:在整个售房过程当中,他们诚信可靠,卓越的服务彰显在每一个售房环节当中 - 从签署挂牌协议、帮助我们评估不同的offers,建议我们如何回价,解决顾客疑虑直到最终成交。鉴于我和他们合作的亲身经历,我毫不犹豫地强烈推荐他们给想要卖房子的客人。

    W. Katzin, Shaughnessy

  • They helped us with the recent sale of our property and we found them highly professional, punctual and deserving of all our trust. Their knowledge and responsible advice in regards to  property  evaluation and their handling of all matters relating to the sale, was of great confort and helped us cope and make reasonable decisions based on the uncertainties in a difficult market. We certainly  would not hesitate in consulting with them again if the need arose.


    -Mr. & Mrs. Manes Dunbar Vancouver

    - Mr. & Mrs. Manes
  • After a careful consideration of whom to choose to represent us in this challenging real estate market, we decided to list our home with Peter and Vivian. They exceeded our expectations and sold our Point Grey home in less than two weeks. We were very impressed by their professionalism, diligence and personal approach in the process. No wonder they could excel in this market. We highly recommend their services to anybody who wants to sell in this difficult environment.

    经过仔细的考虑后,我们选择Peter和Vivian替我们卖房,他们在两周内就卖出我们在Point Grey的房子,超出了我们的期待,我们对他们的专业、认真以及亲力亲为印象深刻,这也是他们能够在这个市场上表现出色的原因,我们强力推荐我们的经纪给想要在这困难市场中卖房的人

    -N. Park (3080 Blanca St. Point Grey)

    - N. Park (3080 Blanca St. Point Grey
  • Dear Peter,
    Thank you so very much for all your dedication, communication and expertise throughout our time with you. We are very grateful for the commitment and sincerity your shared with us as we truly valued your support every step of the way. It was a privilege to work with you and achieve the sale of our property. You were always professional in our dealings and we felt your care too. Wishing you all the very best of continued health, happiness & success!
    Sincerely, R & H Bawa

    - R & H Bawa
  • We hired Peter and Vivian to be our agents based on their ability to understand and financially demonstrate the value of our property. We appreciated the fact that Peter, not an assistant, showed our property and spent a significant amount of time with each potential buyer. They are very professional, committed and really lovely to have in our home. We highly recommend Peter and Vivian for any residential transaction.

    - Lori Kozub Hodgkinson and Robert L. Hodgkinson

    - Lori Kozub Hodgkinson and Robert L. Hodgkinson
  • Dear Vivian,
    Thank you so very much for all your efforts, guidance and expertise throughout our time with you. We are very grateful for the care and kindness you shared with us as we truly felt your support every step of the way. It was a privilege to work with you and achieve the sale of our property. We experienced your professionalism and felt your heart. Wishing you all the very best of continued health , happiness & success!

    Sincerely, R & H Bawa

    - R & H Bawa
  • My husband and I approve of Peter and Vivian abilities; they have a high level of professionalism and productivity. The whole process of selling our house was made easy with their expertise in the real estate industry. We are very satisfied to be working with them as all tasks are done in a quick and efficient manner, and would definitely count on them for all future real estate transactions.

    我与先生非常认可Peter 和 Vivian的能力,合作起来一点也不累。他们在温哥华买房卖房都很有实力,特别专业。非常感谢他们,接下来会继续好好合作。
    - Ms. Zhang

    - Ms. Zhang
  • Working with Peter and Vivian made the selling of my house far more pleasant than I could have imagined. The professional manner in which they conducted themselves from our initial meeting right through closing was impressive to say the least. They made me feel completely comfortable through what could have been a very difficult and stressful process. I would highly recommend Peter and Vivian to anyone looking to sell their house with confidence and ease.

    - Mr. Aune

    - Mr. Aune
  • We have been extremely privileged to have had Peter + Vivian take care of our real estate needs. They were very knowledgeable and understood our desires and goals. They were so very patient with us. We owe our success in our recent sell to their expertise. We thoroughly endorse their services.

    - Heather & Corrie

    - Heather and Corrie
  • I would highly recommend Peter and Vivian to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a property. Prior to selecting them to sell my house in the Dunbar area, I researched and interviewed numerous highly-ranked local real estate brokers. None came even close to impressing me as much as Peter and Vivian. The research they performed regarding the value of my house was incredibly detailed and impeccably substantiated. Peter and Vivian do their homework like no one I have ever encountered. They were able to sell my house within 24 hours at top dollar. Their key contacts within the community helped to ensure a quick sale. They were masterful at contract negotiations and as a result, I got exactly what I wanted from the sale. Throughout my dealings with Peter and Vivian, they were remarkably personable, highly professional, honoured all their promises, and consistently responded to my numerous emails within minutes. They surpassed all my expectations.

    我强烈推荐 Peter 和Vivian 给任何想买卖房子的人。在选择 Peter 和Vivian 卖我们 Dunbar 房子之前,我做了大量的研究并面试了很多个大牌经纪;其 他人都和 Peter 和Vivian 差得很远。 他们做了深入的研究、对我们的房屋价格定位非常准确而且有据可寻。在我 遇到的人里面 Peter 和Vivian 是功课做得最足的。他们在24小时之内把我 的房子卖掉、而且高价售出。他们强大的客户群确保了高速的销售。他们对 合约交涉也非常有经验;这次销售的方方面面都达到了我的要求。在我和 Peter和 Vivian的交往过程中,他们非常的亲切、专业、兑现了所有的承诺, 而且一直都是几分钟之内就答复我的电子邮件。他们超越了我的期望。
    - Dr. B. Gorzalka

    - Dr. B. Gorzalka
  • I am happy to take the time to recommend the real estate services of Peter and Vivian.
    My company built a high quality, energy efficient, geothermal smart showcase house in West Point Grey, Vancouver, British Columbia that was ill served in the marketing efforts by many real estate agents before I found Peter and Vivian. To say the least, I was unimpressed with many of the preceding realtors that simply wanted the listing and had no marketing acumen. My time and resources were wasted with those prior realtors.
    Peter and Vivian went above and beyond my needs which were pressing and immediate. There was always an air of professionalism and concern for my needs. Peter and Vivian rose where many others failed: they met their clients’ needs and not just their own. Truly a positive mutual respect and concern is the norm when you deal with such able professionals. When you need professionalism, results, and ongoing guidance, then turn to Peter and Vivian. They won’t disappoint. I am so satisfied with them that I have determined to work with them in property acquisition, development and marketing on future project.
    President. Teknon Industries Inc.

    我很高興推薦 Peter 和 Vivian 的地産經紀服務。
    我的公司在溫哥華西區 Point Grey 區建了一間高品質丶節能高效丶采用地源熱泵系統的智能別墅並作爲公司的旗艦物業推廣. 在找到 Peter 和Vivian 之前, 這間房子被不同的經紀挂牌丶他們的服務都很糟糕. 我真地對之前的經紀都非常的失望,他們只知道插個牌丶而對市場營銷沒有絲毫的概念. 我的時間和資源都浪費在這些之前的經紀上了。
    時間越來越緊迫,Peter 和 Vivian 達到並超出了我的預期. 他們非常的專業丶而且在意我的需求. Peter 和 Vivian 做到了別的經紀做不到的:他們滿足了客戶的需求而不僅僅是他們自己的.當您遇到這種有能力的專業人士時,互相尊重和關心也就變成理所當然的了. 如果您在尋找專業高效丶有效果丶隨時可以給您提供專業意見的經紀的話,請您找Peter 和 Vivian. 他們不會讓您失望. 我對他們非常滿意,並決定請他們協助我公司賣地丶開發和銷售我們未來的項目。
    - Teknon建築公司總裁

    - R. Lawrence
  • We want to thank you so much for all you did to help us sell our place in Vancouver. Right from the very start we were impressed with your professional attitude, your calm confidence, and your attention to detail. We spoke with a few agents before deciding on who to work with, and you were the only ones who truly understood the unique nature of our building and backed the pricing up with a comprehensive binder of research to substantiate the asking price. We found you both to be reliable, personable, and well informed. You took the time to understand our property and were efficient with showings. Your confidence in the asking price attracted the right buyer. We ended up with a remarkable sale. And with a couple of cups of tea, a few glasses of wine, and some laughter along the way, we feel we can call you friends and would work with you again in a heartbeat. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to either sell or buy in Vancouver.

    非常感謝你們的幫助丶成功賣掉了我們溫哥華的物業。從一開始你們的專業態度丶穩重自信丶對細節的關注, 都給我們留下了深刻的印象。我們在委托挂牌物業之前, 面試了幾個經紀,你們是唯一能夠真正了理解我們物業的獨特性丶並提供了一套詳細資料來支持你們所建議的開價。我們發現你們十分可靠丶風度翩翩丶洞悉市場動靜。你們花時間來了解我們的物業丶高效地把物業展示給買家。你們有自信的開價吸引了合適的買家,爲我們贏得了超乎尋常的賣價。說說笑笑丶一起喝茶品酒丶我們可以把你們當作好友,並會與你們再次合作。我們強烈推薦你們的服務給任何需要出售或購買溫哥華物業的人。太謝謝你們了。
    - L. and T. Wilkinson (2525/2531 Ontario St.)

    - L. and T. Wilkinson (2525/2531 Ontario St.)
  • Thank you very much for the great job of 6638 Cypress Street house sale.
    Not owing to lots advertisement but your great team work and accuracy strategy for the market. No matter high or low market your team provided update info and fully cooperated with home owner let us make decision in peace of mind.
    Advance preparation and buyer targeting & negotiation made all procedure went smoothly and sold house in short time. We are very satisfied all of your service provided. Thanks all your team members. This was not the last deal with you but will come to you once need professional advice again in no time.
    Will highly recommend you to my friends or person have house sale need.
    Wish you have very nice Christmas holiday and prosperity year of 2014.
    Your truly,

    - David & Corina (South Granville)

    - David & Corina (South Granville)
  • I was very impressed by your sincere service, professionalism and great work ethics. I hope we can continue to work together and enjoy the happiness of this win-win partnership. God bless you.

    - Vicky Westside Builder

    - Vicky Westside Builder
  • Peter and Vivian say they offer a boutique service and they really do - from helping us staging our home to making suggestions as to improvements to increase its sale-ability. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Peter 和 Vivian 提供精品的售屋服務, 果然名不虛傳 - 他們幫助我們布置房子, 並建議我們如何改進使房子快速賣出。感謝你們的努力!
    - E. & S. Chen (2941 W. 43rd Ave, Kerrisdale)

    - E. & S. Chen (2941 W. 43rd Ave, Kerrisdale)
  • My family and I can't thank Vivian and Peter enough for their help. Our house had been on the market for 2 years and we had gone through 3 different realtors in that time. All had been unsuccessful. As the months went by we began to become very discouraged as we realized we had a difficult house to sell.
    That is when we discovered the extraordinary realtor team of Vivian and Peter. We read their portfolio and learned that they had success in helping people like us sell their homes.
    Right from the initial consultation, we were thoroughly impressed with how experienced and professional the were in their approach. It was the best decision we could have made. Within 4 short months they sold our house and changed our lives. I highly recommend Vivian and Peter to anyone looking to sell their property. You will not be disappointed.

    我們由衷感激Vivian和Peter兩位卓越的服務. 在認識你們之前, 我們的房子已經在市場掛了兩年,此前者三個不同經紀幫我們掛牌, 可是都沒賣掉, 隨著時間流逝, 我們開始變得灰心, 因為我們意識到我們有一個非常不容易賣出的房子.
    直到我們發現Vivian和Peter非凡經紀團隊. 我們讀了他們的閱歷, 並得知他們成功地幫助了其他像我們情況的人賣掉房子.
    從最初的資詢, 我們就對他們的專業精神和豐富經驗印象非常深刻. 雇用他們是我們做出最好的決定. 在短短四個月內, 他們順利售出了我們的物業, 改變了我們的生活. 我們極力推薦Vivian和Peter給任何希望出售他們物業的人, 你們不會失望的.
    - The Khatami Family (7218 Cartier St., South Granville)

    - The Khatami Family (7218 Cartier St., South Granville)
  • Peter & Vivian:
    Packing up to sell our old home in dismay, discussions and evaluations made things formidable, the road suddenly turned and success was achieved after meeting you, we became friends from this chance acquaintance.
    Wai & Linda Wong

    - Wai Wong & Linda Wong (4043 W. 11th Ave, Point Grey)

    - Wai Wong & Linda Wong (4043 W. 11th Ave, Point Grey)
  • Peter & Vivian:
    Meeting both of you was the biggest gain for Cindy and me, whether it is for money or friendship.
    Mackenzie Heights

    - Cindy Lin & Alan Wang (3049 W. 27th Ave, Mackenzie Heights)

    - Cindy Lin & Alan Wang (3049 W. 27th Ave, Mackenzie Heights)
  • Dear Peter and Vivian,
    Thank you for helping me accomplish my home downsize so smoothly. Your outstanding efforts, skills and teamwork made the whole process so easy for me. You sold my old Shaughnessy home in today’s challenging market and moved me into my dream penthouse. I am so glad that I found you both for the job. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and neighbours.

    - Georgina I. Shaughnessy 桑纳斯

    - Georgina I. Shaughnessy 桑纳斯
  • I just want to thank you for all of the work you put into getting our townhouse sold. We really appreciate your time & effort. We will definitely recommend you to friends and come back to you ourselves in future.

    由衷感激两位卓越的服务, 顺利的卖掉我​​们的城市屋。我们非常感谢你们所花下的时间和努力。在未来, 我们一定会建议我们的朋友给你们的团队。
    - Lisa & Tony

    - Lisa & Tony
  • Sincerely thankful for your quality service.
    Through your hard work,our property was finally successfully sold when other agents had failed to sell it.
    Your professional attitude deserves our respect.
    Thank you again.

    衷心感謝您們的優質服務, 經過您們努力不懈的辛勤勞動, 終於將我們的物業, 在其他經紀都未能賣出去的困難情況下, 將此物業成功售出.
    您們的敬業的態度, 值得敬佩!
    - Jacky Tse (1323/1325 Barclay St., West End)

    - Jacky Tse (1323/1325 Barclay St., West End)
  • We were so impressed with your professionalism from when we first met right through to the final sale.
    The speed with which you brought so many clients to the house was astonishing.
    We are delighted that everything turned out so well and with minimal effort on our part.
    It has been a pleasure working with both of you and we thank you for all you did for us.

    當我們第一次見面到房屋售出的那一天, 我們對您們的專業精神印象非常深刻.
    我們非常高興, 因為我們無須花很多心思, 卻得到了非常好的回報.
    - Ann & Angus (1806 Western Parkway, UBC)

    - Ann & Angus (1806 Western Parkway, UBC)
  • Sincerely appreciate your superior service.
    Especially in today's downturn market, you two could still sell my house in such a short period of time.
    Thank you,

    尤其難能可貴在如此蕭條的季節中, 兩位亦能在短期內將我的房屋售出.
    - Ellen (2233 W. 19th Ave, Arbutus)

    - Ellen (2233 W. 19th Ave, Arbutus)
  • After conducting research and interviews, we chose Peter Saito and Vivian Li to sell our parent's family home in mid-2012. We believed that they had the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to sell a rather neglected older home in Shaughnessy.
    While the real estate market declined in mid to late 2012, Peter and Vivian worked hard finding a purchaser for our house. They worked diligently, through several offers, contacting us on holiday and at work, ensuring that a possible purchaser was not lost.
    We eventually sold the house, within two months of listing it and for a price we were pleased with.
    We believe that we made the right decision employing Peter and Vivian to sell our house. They understand and are connected to the off-shore market, to those purchasers looking for large lots in Shaughnessy.

    - Irene G. from Shaughnessy

    - Irene G. from Shaughnessy
  • It is a great pleasure to meet Peter and Vivian in Vancouver right after we landed. We appreciate your hospitality and professionalism. Your help with our home purchase has made our life in Vancouver a great joy. We believe we will become very good friends.
    - Mr. & Mrs. Zhou

    - Mr.& Mrs. Zhou 周先生&周太太
  • After a “top agent” listed our home for 6 months& failed to do the job, We listed our home with Peter and Vivian. Then miracle happened. Peter and Vivian got it sold at the price we wanted in 11 days in a slow market. We called them “the wicked team!”
    我们委托了一个所谓的“大牌”经纪代理我们的房子六个月没有售出;我们找到了Peter & Vivian. 奇迹出现了. 他们在不景气的市场情况下只用了11天卖掉了我们的房子,而且是我们很满意的价钱. 真是“魔法团队”!
    - Steve & Carol (4096 Quesnel Dr., Arbutus)

    - Steve & Carol (4096 Quesnel Dr., Arbutus)
  • I gave Peter a $150K in 1993, not a single penny after. Today (after 18 years), his asset management has turned that into a portfolio of $8.5 Million net equity value, over 56X of original investment!!
    我在1993年交給 Peter 15万元,之后再没有给他一分钱。 18年後的今天,他帮我滚雪球滚成了850萬,超過56倍的原始投資額!
    - Ms. Y Chalmers 查默斯女士

    - Ms. Y Chalmers 查默斯女士
  • We are very satisfied with Vivian and Peter's highly professional and excellent service. They are the best realtor team we have ever met. They have great work ehtics and are very trustworthy.
    到目前為止,我們對李巍巍和齋藤元正,極具專業和優良的服務感到非常滿意.他們是我們所遇到過的地產經紀中最具優秀性和職業操守都非常好的經紀. 非常值得信賴的.
    - Kevin Li

    - Kevin Li