Buying 買房

The Vancouver Real Estate market has had phenomenal growth with the onslaught of worldwide immigration and population growth. But the Vancouver Real Estate market has not always been on the up and up. Peter has held a Salesperson’s License since 1989, and an Associate Broker’s License (which allows him to open his own real estate brokerage) since 1990. He has been selling Vancouver Real Estate for so long and has seen the ups, downs, turn-arounds, and even backflips:  tumultuous times as well as peaceful sailings, good times and bad. His eyes have seen, and know, what holds value. It is this special set of eyes that you hire when you use the Peter and Vivian team, eyes that can see a little further ahead to help deal with times to come.  It is this set of eyes that finds you the one house out of the tens of thousands on the market that will be suitable not just as a home; but have the added extra security of being worthy of investing in with less risk than others, the one with the highest intrinsic value.

由於世界各地的移民和人口增長的衝擊, 溫哥華房地產市場有了顯著的增長。但溫哥華房地產市場並不總是一直在向好的方向發展。1989年,Peter持有經紀牌照,1990年, 他又擁有經紀仲介執照(這讓他自己能開房地產仲介公司)。他已經賣了溫哥華房地產這麼久,看到一次又一次的轉型,起起落落時好時壞。他知道什麼是有價值的投資物業。這是一種別人沒有的能力,當您僱用Peter和Vivian團隊,這種能力,能幫您看到未來趨勢動向。這種能力,能幫您在數以萬計的物業中,找到一個合適您的家,並擁有最高的投資報酬率。

We care, so we actually listen to what our client tells us about their needs and wants. Mostly our clients have been many local homeowners, who need to change houses because of demographic changes, professionals of all levels and types, everyday working blue-collar and white-collar people, as well as new immigrants. Our clients appreciate our honesty, integrity, product and market knowledge, experience, and most of all – CARE that is neatly bundled in a tidy package that is given to EVERY client, including YOU if you should so choose. If you are serious about real estate, the CARE team will personally do their best to help you achieve what you want and need.

因為我們關心, 所以我們希望能聽到客戶告訴我們他們的需求. 我們的客戶群大部分是由本地房主, 專業人士, 藍領和白領人士, 及新移民所組成. 他們欣賞我們的誠實和誠信, 專業的知識和經驗, 還有最重要的是"真心關懷"所有客戶的需求. 如果您需要房地產的任何服務, 我們"真心關懷"團隊將提供您最好的服務及需求.