Why Hire Peter & Vivian to sell your Home?   為什麼雇用Peter和Vivian幫您賣房?

  • We are a team with 28 years of experience in the West Side. We have sold a lot of homes here.
  • We work with top tier Asian buyers who are qualified to buy in the West Side.  We help you reach the Chinese market.
  • We advertise on all major newspapers: Real Estate Weekly (Westside Edition), Real Estate Weekly (Chinese Edition), Ming Pao (Traditional Chinese), City Post (Simplified Chinese). We send out newsletters, flyers, postcards to cover the entire West Side to promote our listings. We spend lots of our costs to “PUSH” your property to get it sold fast instead of just putting a sign up on your lawn.
  • We offer “boutique” service, and are committed to actually selling each of our listings (not just a listing machine, no young assistants), so we will work with you to make your house look personable and inviting, thereby achieving an actual successful sale.
  • Two excellent negotiators work on your behalf to ensure that you receive the highest possible sale price for your home. We have proven results to sell homes at record high selling prices in the entire neighbourhood. We hold your hand through the entire CLOSING process.
  • We speak 6 different languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Hokkien, Shanghainese) and communicate more effectively.
  • Peter is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada, we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism to protect your interest.  There are only 2800 FRI’s out of 2.5 million realtors in Canada.
  • 我們有在本地28年的地產经纪經驗、專門做西區, 並在西區賣过很多房子.
  • 我們有很多亚洲实力买家在西区购房. 幫助您打入華人市場.
  • 我们在所有主流的报纸上做广告:老牌英文报纸《房地产周刊》(西区英文版),《房地产周刊》(中文版),《明报》,《都市报》;并定期在整个西区每户派送广告,推广我们的房源。我们肯花成本来真正“推广”您的房子,而不是仅仅在您的地上插一个牌。
  • 我們提供“精品”服务、努力賣出每一間我們代理的房屋, (不是拿 listing 的機器、亲力亲为); 我們會和您緊密合作, 成功售出您的物業.
  • 兩位優秀談判專家將確保您以最高的價錢賣出您的物業. 我們曾經多次創造出同區同類房屋中的最高售价紀錄. 我們也會手把手和您一起完成整個成交過程.
  • 我們講6種語言(英语、国语、广东话、日语、福建话、上海话), 更有效地同買家溝通.
  • Peter作為加拿大地產學院的院士 (千分之一的经纪有此殊荣), 我們將確保您的利益高於一切.