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If one word can describe Peter & Vivian, it is “care”.  They are a friendly team that care about each and every one of their clients by helping them to achieve their personal goals through real estate transactions. 

Seven Things You May Not Know About Peter & Vivian:

  • Peter was born in Japan and raised in Singapore where he learned English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Shanghainese on top of his mother tongue, Japanese.
  • In 1986, Peter studied music at the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA.
  • In 1988, Peter immigrated to Vancouver and majored in Urban Land Economics at UBC. Peter received his real estate license the same year and started working as a full-time agent in order to pay for his tuition.  After graduating from UBC, he decided to dedicate his life long career as a real estate agent. Just in a few year's time, he became the top agent at Sutton, where he still works to this day.
  • In 1996, Peter became a member of the Real Estate Institute of Canada and was awarded his Fellowship in 2001. The prestigious FRI (Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada) is the highest accolade designation available in the real estate industry. There are only about 2000 out of 2.5 million realtors in Canada.
  • Most of Peter’s clients have followed him for more than 20 years, till this day.  His asset portfolio management clients have seen incredible growth (up to 56x over the past 20 years).
  • Peter invited Vivian to join his team as a partner in 2011 . Vivian’s personable character, empathy, and attention to details; combined with Peter’s analytical skills and years of experience, makes the team a great success.
  • Vivian was originally from China, speaks English, Mandarin & Japanese. She is very connected to Immigration Consultant Agencies in China who constantly send new immigrant clients to the Team.

What makes Peter & Vivian stand out as a realtor team? Like what their clients said, it’s their integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication. In other words, they CARE!

By hiring Peter & Vivian, you’re not only getting two incredible agents, but also a hand-picked support team that include executive Assistants, finance, insurance, home repairs, carpet cleaning, and home inspection specialists.



如果要用一句話來形容 Peter & Vivian, 那應該是“真心關懷“.  他們這個友善的團隊透過地產買賣真心關懷每一位客戶、帮助他們達到個人的目標. 

七個您可能不知道 Peter & Vivian 的地方:

  • Peter生於日本, 從小在新加坡長大。他不僅能說流利母語, 日語,也同樣精通英語, 國語, 粵語, 福建話, 和上海話.
  • 1986年,Peter 在美國波士頓音樂學院學習音樂 .
  • 1988年,Peter 移居溫哥華並且在UBC大學主修城市土地經濟學。同一年,他考取了地產經紀執照,並開始專職從事地產經紀,支付學費。从UBC畢業後,他決定从事地產經紀作為他的終身事業。幾年後,他成為 加拿大最大地产公司Sutton 公司的頂尖地產經紀。至今仍然就职於此.
  • 1996年,Peter進入了加拿大地產學院,在2001年成為了該院院士。FRI(加拿大地產學院院士)在地產界屬於最高榮譽獎,在加拿大250萬經紀人當中,只有2000人獲得此榮譽。
  • 20年來直到現在, Peter 的客戶都一直跟隨著他。他的帮客人管理的房地产投资组合讓他的客戶看到難以置信的增長(20年來利益超過高達56倍的增長 ).
  • 2011年 Peter 邀請 Vivian 加入团队。Vivian 非常有亲和力、能够准确把握顾客需求、注重服务細節; 與 Peter 的极强的分析能力和多年的經驗相結合,使團隊更完整, 更成功.
  • Vivian 來自中國,講流利的英語、中文和日語; 她和中國的移民公司有緊密的業務往來.

是什麼讓 Peter 和 Vivian 在其他經紀團隊中脫穎而出呢?正像他們的客戶所说的,是因為他們的誠信、專業、熱情和敬业;換句話說,他們最在乎的是您的利益!