Vivian Li


Originally from China, Vivian made Vancouver her new home 10 years ago. Through her previous career in China and connections to numerous immigration consulting companies, she has established a variety of channels referring qualified new immigrant/visitor clients from mainland China to purchase homes / vacation homes in Vancouver.  Vivian is a people person and a master communicator. She is able to explain very complex ideas succinctly into very easy-to-understand terms and saves clients a lot of time. Gifted with an intuition that is almost uncanny in nature, contrary to Peter, Vivian is an excellent young realtor and she “feels” real estate; thereby adding a more human spin to Peter’s colder, analytical view of Vancouver real estate.

10年前Vivian從中國來到了溫哥華。在中国工作期间使她接觸到許多移民諮詢公司,和他们建立了伙伴关系, 移民公司会推荐有实力的新移民/访客给Vivian来协助客人在温哥华安家或者购买度假屋。 Vivian很善于和人打交道、是一位出色溝通者。她能夠把複雜的問題用简单的方式传递给客人,節省客戶大量的時間。Vivian对地产有一种天赋的敏感,她能够“感覺”房地產,加上Peter对地产的冷静客觀分析,两个人的合作相辅相成。

Vivian is also meticulous to details, and is a phenomenal organizer. Called the Deep-and-Wide partnership by many clients, this CARE team really emphasizes before, mid and after sales service. Peter and Vivian start their service by greeting their new immigrant clients at the airport, guiding them through the entire purchasing process usually in a very tight timeline i.e. 3 days – 2 weeks, and setting up utility accounts and helping furniture shopping for their new home…. Their service never ends. Many of their clients come from overseas to buy a home and go back, entrusting their house here to Vivian and Peter. While the clients are away, the CARE team takes care of arranging the gardening, picking up the mail and dealing with the important ones, even arranging for clean-up maid service of the insides just before the client comes back for a holiday. In short, they are the clients’ “new life in Canada” consultants and full service house managers. One Shanghai client said with a smile: “We know that our Vancouver home is in good hands when we are on the other side of the planet. This peace of mind means so much to us. Peter and Vivian are not only my realtors in Vancouver, but my very good friends. I recommend the team to all my friends coming here.”

Vivian也擁有驚人組織能力并十分注重細節。常被客戶稱為"深"與"廣"的真心關懷團隊, 非常重視售前,售中和售後服務。一切行程都由Peter和Vivian在機場迎接客戶開始, 通常客人只有3天 - 2週的时间完成购房过程;他们会安排客人紧凑而有效率的看房购房,再到后续的建立水電戶頭,再到新家的家具採購,他們的服務從沒停過 。他們的許多客戶來自海外, 買了新房就回國了,他們的房子就委託給Vivian和Peter管理。真心關懷團隊安排園藝,收取郵件並處理重要事件,甚至在客戶回來之前安排內部清理。總之,他們是加拿大新移民客戶的顧問和全方位服務的房屋經理。一位上海的客戶笑著說:“我們知道,即使我們不在, 我們溫哥華的家也不用擔心。這種安心感使我們心裡很踏實。Peter和Vivian不僅是我的房地產經紀,更是我的朋友。我推薦真心關懷團隊給我所有要來溫哥華的朋友。“