Selling 賣房

We believe that every property has a unique selling point, one that distinguishes it from all other properties around it. It is our job as your agent to bring out that point, market it to the right audience, and spot the one right person to buy the property, then successfully negotiate the offer. This simple 4 step process actually encapsulates a myriad of disciplines of knowledge layered upon layer into a tidy neat bundle of service. Our expertise is to provide you with this neat and tidy bundle. We work with you every step of the way, providing you with the right information and feedback so that you can ultimately make your own decisions in the process.  We will hold your hands through the entire process, like a walk on the beach…

我們相信每個物業都有他有別於其他物業的獨特賣點. 做為您的經紀人, 我們將會把這獨特的賣點呈現出來, 推薦給對的買家, 找到合適的買主, 並成功的協商交易. 這四個步驟雖然看似簡單, 但卻包含了許多複雜的學問和種種不同知識所包裝而成的. 我們的專長是為您提供這個乾淨整潔的一系列服務. 我們的工作是和您一起完成每一步, 提供您正確的信息和回饋, 使您能在每個過程中做出您正確的決定. 所有的過程就像在沙灘上散步這麼輕鬆簡單....

We have listed and sold a lot of properties, in a variety of different types.  We are very strong on the Vancouver West Side selling many homes in different neighbourhoods, but we are also very strong in the residential investment properties throughout Greater Vancouver, as well as downtown condominium units that continue to provide a good rental vehicle for very little initial investment. We also sold many properties that other realtors had failed to sell at the price and terms the clients were satisfied with.

我們賣過也服務過各式各樣的物業. 溫哥華西區更是我們專長. 不光是住宅區, 整個大溫地區的公寓, 投資物業也是我們拿手的強項. 我們更賣過許多經紀人無法賣出和滿足屋主的物業.

The major difference that sets us apart is that we offer BOUTIQUE real estate service – we are not just a listing machine, who only takes the listing and leave the rest to young and inexperienced assistants. With us, what you see is what you get. We are two dynamic individuals to help you every step of the way to sell your home: market evaluation, marketing, showings, offer negotiations, closing…  In our opinion, showing is one of the most important tools to convey the unique selling point to the buyer. That is why every listing we have is shown by either one of us, Vivian or Peter. We believe that every time a house is shown is the opportunity to actually sell the house, and we therefore would not risk the chance without personally doing the showing instead of having a young assistant opening the door but not having enough skill or experience to sell.  We care enough to want to ensure each and every one of our listings actually do sell.

我們和其他團隊的不同在於我們提供"精品"服務, 努力賣出每一間我們代理的房屋 (不是拿listing的機器), 我們和您緊密合作, 而不是年輕的新手助理. 我們將雙管齊下為您賣出物業: 市場評估, 市場營銷, 物業交易和成交... 我們的經驗告訴我們物業開放參觀是一種最有效向買家呈現物業賣點的方法. 這也是為什麼每一個物業都是由Vivian或Peter親自開放. 我們相信也不放過所有遇到合適買主的機會. 我們在乎我們所有的物業, 也要確認每個物業都能銷售出去.

We invite you to experience the difference. Call us to book a time for a friendly chat, no obligations, no hassles, to find out for yourself why our clients choose us to represent them.

我們邀請您來體驗我們與其他團隊的不同. 請現即致電我們, 索取免費估價與服務.